I'm a big fan of home remedies, (probably because I like to avoid the doctor). But some of those old fashioned remedies work and so many foods have natural healing.
Sleep is amazing at repairing when we are sick.
I do feel now as you get older that they want to test you for almost everything under the sun and I've heard my local dentist spat the same lingo to aging patients.... "give up sugar, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, get plenty of exercise" and I look at him and think, "I bet you don't".

Reading up on menopause is such an eye-opener for me. I never realised it could cause anxiety and so many symptoms like the crawling on the legs. That occasional head rush, the sudden pain in the wrist, ankle, knee, back. Feeling wiped out, feeling teary, feeling angry, feeling depressed. Feeling bloated, looking bloated.
Don't get me started on the loss of eyebrows and hair coming out like there's no tomorrow when you brush your hair. As for hair... So much dryer, doesn't seem to lay comfortably around your face, almost turns wild and needs a good amount of taming. And where has my armpit hair gone? Even my legs hardly need shaving these days (but that's positive!)