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    "The Kremlin said European NATO countries posed a threat to Russia rather than the risk emanating from Moscow.
    Responding to a statement by the Czech President Petr Pavel in which he noted that NATO states perceives Russia to be the number one threat to Europe, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the remark was a "hysterical" reaction.
    "Russia does not pose a threat to Europe. Europe poses a threat to Russia. Europe, being a U.S.-controlled continent, I mean the EU, they are the ones who participate in NATO, which is moving with all its military might towards our borders," he said Thursday, according to comments translated by NBC News.
    "This is a fact that can't be disputed, it is an obvious fact. This is what poses a threat to us. This is what makes us do what we are doing now," he said in comments to state media journalist Pavel Zarubin.
    Russia has repeatedly claimed that NATO's enlargement in eastern Europe in recent decades has posed a threat to its national security, without presenting evidence to back up its claims."

    Very scarry since one line in the Russia use of nukes is if the future of Russia is treated they would use nuclear weapons. Source was CNBC, so not just some tabloid.

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