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Thread: Getting endoscopy 2nd time

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    Getting endoscopy 2nd time

    I had one 4 years ago. They could find nothing sinister, but said I had slight scarring at the end of my esophagus, which was causing food to get stuck at times. continued on Omeprazole. 6 weeks ago, they took be off it for 2 weeks as they wanted to test for H Pylori which was negative. But have never went back on as I am trying to cope with diet. So, around the same time I got an appointment to have an endoscopy again. I was at the appointment and even got the bit in my arm so that they could give me the sedation when I went into room. However, they were concerned that my blood pressure was too high? So after sitting there for an hour, watching others get taken before me, they came to take my blood pressure again. The woman that took it, was horrible, she looked alarmed and said, oh there is no way they are going to do this today, it's far too high. The consultant came to see me and said that she couldn't do it as I may have a stroke or heart attack if she did the procedure. How to make someone with anxiety feel great? NOT. So went to doc next day, was put on blood pressure tablets, and am now getting it down again next week. Now, the fear of having a stroke or heart attack is on my mind and my anxiety is through the roof. Anyone else ever been told this?
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    Re: Getting endoscopy 2nd time

    Omg I'm so sorry you went through that. Did it not occur to them that you were anxious? My BP is always taken twice when I see my doctor - first at the beginning, and then again before I leave - and it's always higher in the beginning before I've had a chance to relax. But you were there for a procedure, which is more nerve-wracking then a simple appointment, and I'm sure being told your BP was high in the beginning did nothing to help calm you down.

    I know this post is a few months old, but I hope you had a better experience when you went back!

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