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Thread: Embarrassing Red Cheeks

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    Embarrassing Red Cheeks

    I'm a guy, and for some reason, my cheeks are rosy all the time, and it's not Rosacea. Even if I am doing nothing, I have perpetually red cheeks. And if I've been exercising, hot, or embarrassed, my cheeks get so hot and VERY red. It's been like this all my life, and I am self-conscious about it. I was fine when I was little since people called them 'cute,' but the older I get the weirder it looks seeing an me with rosy red cheeks. People do comment on them occasionally asking if I'm sunburnt or why am I "blushing", which is hamulating.
    Is it normal for a guy to have red cheeks? Anyway to change them?
    Anyone with anything similar?


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    Re: Embarrassing Red Cheeks

    How do you know itís not rosacea, have you seen a gp? If not, Iíd recommend it just so you can see if itís something medical.

    If itís not, maybe you could look into skincare for redness, maybe a very slightly tinted moisturiser. This is only if you really want to & itís affecting your day to day life. Or maybe even therapy to address any issues that youíre having.

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