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Thread: Blood test results

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    Blood test results

    Hi there,

    I've had a few different illnesses over the past couple of months (D&V, chesty cough, enlarged lymph node) and I subsequently had a blood test last week on my doctors recommendation. It came back today that my platelets and ALT levels were raised. It also said my creatinine level was slightly high. I've got a doctors appointment next week to follow up on the results and a recommendation of another blood test in 1-3 months to check my levels but was wondering if anyone else has had something similar with a blood test after an infection(s)? Obviously Dr Google is providing me with plenty of information that I am likely to have cancer but I am trying to avoid anything on that and hoping it is most likely related to these infections... I don't have any other symptoms of anything now and feel generally well.

    Hoping to settle my mind a bit. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Blood test results

    Whenever I get a bad viral infection my platelets and ALT go up as well. I wouldn’t worry.

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    Re: Blood test results

    Quote Originally Posted by Flapj View Post
    Whenever I get a bad viral infection my platelets and ALT go up as well. I wouldn’t worry.
    Thank you, I appreciate the reassurance

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