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Thread: Losing sleep re MND worry

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    Losing sleep re MND worry

    Iím sorry for another thread re MND worry but Iím down the rabbit hole and canít get out. Iím F in my late 30ís. Iíve read the sticky post but still panicking.
    Couple of months of feeling like food getting stuck in my throat, going down ok but feeling like residue/crumbs sticking in back of throat. Last couple of weeks feel like Iím slurring my ďsĒ as well. Partner says Iím speaking normally but itís very obvious to me.
    Iím also getting a feeling of wetness in the corner of my mouth like Iím dribbling.
    Iím so anxious about MND itís all I can think about. Have been referred to ENT re swallow but likely to be a very long wait.

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    Re: Losing sleep re MND worry

    It is the easiest thing in the world to perceive slurring in yourself if you are focusing on it. I have a long history of this worry so i know what im talking about! Same with swallowing and wetness at the side of your mouth

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    Re: Losing sleep re MND worry

    Thank you jojo.

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