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Thread: Memory Again

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    Memory Again

    Have you ever done something and then immediately forgotten.

    I got off bus 11.20am, walked into work space 11.21am and then spoken with a colleague 11.22am then between this time and 11.24am I had seemingly sent a Microsoft Teams message to a colleague and have no recollection of it. I noticed this at 11.25am and the time stamp said a minute earlier and I honestly do not remember sending it.

    I worry about memory loss and dementia and brain tumor. I remember the rest of the day perfectly.

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    Re: Memory Again


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    Re: Memory Again

    All the time! I sometimes brush my teeth twice because I forgot that I already did. I tend to remember halfway through brushing.
    It's just because your mind is so occupied with other things while you're doing this, that it doesn't register you did this

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