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    Doctor call

    I havenÂ’t been on here for a few years.
    Long story short - I have crohns. Last November 14 I did a complete blood test for crohns doctor. I was super anxious after - because we had a big vacation planned in December and I was sure it would be ruined by a bad blood test.
    But weeks went by - no calls - I felt good about it.

    Then this weekend I checked my voicemail at home. There was a message from March 14 from my regular doctors office.
    Also on March 14 - my pharmacy faxed a renewal for my SSRI.
    I was anxious all day yesterday. What if they found something on blood test and just saw it now? I called today and was told the message was the doctor wanted a follow appt. A follow up for what she couldnÂ’t say. She got me an appt Friday but I explained how super anxious I was and she said she would leave that message asking him to call.
    I canÂ’t stop worrying that it is for the Nov blood test and that he only saw it while giving me my prescription.
    I am praying it is just to follow up on the SSRIs and nothing else.
    I havenÂ’t gone in 3 years to him.

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    Re: Doctor call

    If it was anything serious he would have tried to call your more than once.

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