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Thread: Do you ever get tongue tied?

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    Do you ever get tongue tied?

    Was wondering if anyone here when in a social situation if you get tongue tied? sometimes I just freeze and sit quietly. I don't go out to pubs etc even when I go shopping and if someone was to speak to me I freeze and often I don't say anything back. My neighbours even ignore me, I am sure that I am odd. Even when younger I was always being called a weirdo. I don't have any friends either, I find it hard to talk to anyone.

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    Re: Do you ever get tongue tied?

    All the time. Sometimes I find it hard to speak up, but I also have times where my mind is moving faster than my mouth (especially if I’m feeling shy so am speaking quietly) and I’ll trip over my words. I have to take a breath and try again, more slowly. It can be frustrating and sometimes I do feel a little embarrassed by it, but really I don’t think most people give it a second thought.
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    Re: Do you ever get tongue tied?

    Again, all the time, and I work a very people-focused job. I find that smiling back helps break the ice, and if it happens mid conversation I have a bunch of useful stalling phrases for while my brain and mouth get back in synch. As Poppy says, if the good intent is there I don't think people mind. Besides, everyone's odd in one way or another.
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    Re: Do you ever get tongue tied?

    Thank you both. It helps to know that I am not alone.

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    Re: Do you ever get tongue tied?

    All the time. I also mumble and talk fast. People can't understand me and ask me to repeat what I said. Makes me feel awkward but I'm used to it now.
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