Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting on here since I feel like I have nowhere else to go in terms of how I feel. Iíve had emetophobia for over 10 years and recently my roommate who I share a bathroom and kitchen with v*. Obviously I was terrified and basically locked myself in my room for almost a week. My other roommate was fine and did a full clean of the bathroom and kitchen and the roommate who v only did it once and was okay the next day. She says it was probably related to a gallbladder condition she has but Iím still unconvinced and Iíve spiralled really bad. Iíve been eating very little and what I do eat is processed and junk because Iím scared of eating with my hands and eating off of plates my roommate might have used in case it was a sb and itís been really difficult. Anyway today I had a sprite and ordered a McDonaldís and got a coke with that and not long after I drank it my stomach was all bubbly and I had *d*. It was only the once and I freaked out and now Iím scared I caught something off my roommate and will v. And Iíve been staying completely away from my roommate but we share a bathroom and Iíve been using the same bath (the showers broken) and when I was just in the bath and she was I obviously emptied and put clean water in before I went in but some of it splashed and I felt a drop hit my mouth and now Iím terrified about that too. Some help and reassurance would really be great. Thanks