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Thread: Nasal endoscopy after effects

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    Nasal endoscopy after effects

    I really hope someone can calm me down and shed some light on my predicament. 5 weeks ago I had a camera up my nose and down throat as I thought a gummy vitamin has got stuck. Although I'd had this procedure a few years ago with no discomfort or problem, this time was awful. I felt a ton of pressure where the bottom of the nose meets the top of the throat. The next 48 hours were a nightmare, felt like I couldn't breathe through my nose or swallow properly, ended up in A & E with a panic attack. Was told the scope may have caused a bit of trauma (the doctor only shone a torch in my mouth) but should be ok in 2 weeks. Now at 5 weeks I'm still having weird oral sensations in my soft palate (hard to describe, kind of tension), my uvula feels lower (can't be sure as never noticed it before but it touches my tongue) and my swallow function feels different, like there's a disconnect between my nose and throat. A doctor and dentist have both said my uvula is not swollen.

    Could this be PTSD/anxiety? I have booked to go back to the ENT who did the scope but am really concerned that he may dismiss my symptoms for fear of being accused of malpractice. Desperately hoping the scope hasn't caused any damage. Advice please!?

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    Re: Nasal endoscopy after effects

    Judith, so sorry you are still dealing with it. Since you may suspect that the ENT may be afraid of a suit, could you get another ENT to look into that? It probably will heal soon, I would use daily at least one spoon of a high quality honey, Manuka if possible, because they have scientifically proven anti - inflammatory effects.

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