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Thread: Shaky/weak feeling muscles in arms, hands, legs.

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    Shaky/weak feeling muscles in arms, hands, legs.

    I haven't been on this board in some time to post but find it helpful when just browsing during times of bad anxiety..
    Currently I'm going through some really horrible symptoms. I have had shakiness and weak feeling leg muscles for years but at a very low level.
    Just the last month or two I have noticed more muscle fatigue in my legs (sometimes actually hurting when walking) but the last few days I started feeling like my hands were being a bit clumsy- then I realised I have loads of shaky muscles in my upper body too - notably hands/arms and shoulders. My legs are very shaky when walking downstairs and feel like rubber/may jist not keep going when walking around(especially knees). It's when I use them, not at rest.
    I am trying not to panic as the scariest bit is my hands feeling like they aren't grasping things as efficiently - I want to see my GP but as I have had a lot of stress just lately and my blocked ear driving me bonkers and making me feel off balance sometimes, I thought I would post here in the mean time and see if anyone has experienced severe shakiness in muscles or weak feeling in hands, to the point you feel you may miss when reaching out for things? (but neiver actually do)
    Thanks for reading! Has anyone else experienced this due to anxiety/tension?
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    Re: Shaky/weak feeling muscles in arms, hands, legs.

    The line where you say it “feels” like you might miss but you never actually do gives me a hunch that this is about hyper awareness…. But im not a doctor.
    I know that i often feel weak and shaky and the body is capable of producing all sorts of symptoms if you focus on it.
    When are you seeing the doctor?

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    Re: Shaky/weak feeling muscles in arms, hands, legs.

    Hi, thank you very much for your reply. Yes I am aware I may have brought it on as I got very aware of feeling disorientated with my blocked ear and had a few.dizzy spells over the last week. I have been very anxious because of that but also stressed with other things going on, and I know my legs get more shaky when stressed/panicky but it's the arm/hand thing and that it's constant.
    I woke this morning feeling just as shaky. I see a Dr about something else today (a follow up to an ecg) but she did say something about having to make another appointment for anything else when I mentioned my ears on the phone. I keep trying to see my normal GP who knows about all my anxiety stuff but he seems hard to get hold of at the moment! Will see if this Dr today will listen to me about this.

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    Re: Shaky/weak feeling muscles in arms, hands, legs.

    It's understandable to feel concerned about these symptoms, especially when they seem to be getting worse or affecting your daily life. Anxiety and stress can certainly manifest in physical ways, including muscle tension, shakiness, and a sense of weakness. It's good that you're aware of how stress and anxiety can impact your body, but it's also important to seek medical advice to rule out any underlying conditions.
    In the meantime, try to practice some relaxation techniques to manage your anxiety. Deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness meditation can be helpful. Reducing overall stress might alleviate some of the physical symptoms you're experiencing.
    And yes, I am also not a doctor. hehe

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    Re: Shaky/weak feeling muscles in arms, hands, legs.

    I am currently suffering from shakiness, inner vibrations, jelly legs, muscle pain. Most of the time I feel like every part of my body is tremoring internally. Sometimes the tremor is visible in my hands when I am holding a coffee cup or reaching for something. I saw my GP and he thinks it is anxiety since I have a long history of it. He prescribed a second anti-depressant (Wellbutrin) and told me to come back in two months. Also I have had a previous time when I had the shakes for literally months. It is miserable and scary. All this has coincided with my husband's health suddenly worsening resulting in two hospitalizations. Hyperstimulation on overdrive.

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