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Thread: Waking up with a hard heart beat

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    Waking up with a hard heart beat

    Iíve been having some weird symptoms for a year on and off. Waking up after about an hour of sleep, my heart will be beating hard, sometimes I would be overheated and then Iíd panic. Iíve kind of got used to the sensation now so when I wake I ignore it as best I can and itíll pass quite quickly.

    Sometimes I would wake and then it would start beating hard, itís not that fast at first just a little bit and then if I panic it goes into sinus tach.

    Iíve tried many things - meditation, magnesium baths, putting a fan on during the night. Sometimes itíll go away for a few nights and then its back again.

    Some people have said it could be sleep apnea or thyroid.

    My doctor tested me for thyroid issues and it came back fine. She gave me an ECG that was fine, they then did a 24 hour holter (I havenít had these results yet). My doctor said she was a little concerned that Iím so exhausted from bad sleep so she said maybe a sleep study but she didnít think Iíd have sleep apnea and she thinks itís unlikely to be heart disease but she did want to run some longer tests.

    Iím trying very hard to stay calm but I think the tiredness is adding to my fear, my Dad had heart disease young and I stupidly smoked for quite a while, Iíve just got myself a vape to try and quit fully, I managed to cut down to 3/4 a day for about 6 months but I now need to push to fully quit. I donít drink, I exercise, I have good cholesterol and blood pressure, I do try my best to take care of myself.

    I just really miss sleeping all the way through the night. I am in trauma therapy at the moment and itís tough so itís possible itís just hyper arousal.

    Sorry if my post was a little long. Has anyone else been through anything like this? Is there anything I could be doing better to stop it if it turns out to be just anxiety.

    Thank you
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    Re: Waking up with a hard heart beat

    Anyone? Sorry for bumping this I just wonder if anyone else has had this.

    Itís still happening some nights. Iíve started using ice packs for the panic after I wake and that helps but I am still waking up with the adrenaline feeling but I donít feel anxious exactly when I wake up more just wide awake.

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    Re: Waking up with a hard heart beat

    Honestly these sound like nocturnal panic attacks to me. I often wake up hot and with a rapid heart beat, but that's usually after either a nightmare or just a vivid dream.
    But if you search nocturnal panic attacks on this forum, you'll find a lot of people who experienced the same as you

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