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Thread: Postmenopause breast pain

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    Postmenopause breast pain

    I was one year without a period this past March, so I'm officially postmenopause.
    For a little over a week been experiencing pain, soreness, tenderness in both breasts , sometimes one sometimes both. Comes and goes. Feels like pinching, burning. Pain moves around, sometimes on the top front, sometimes on the sides.

    Last mammogram last September was good. Heart is good. Going to my gyn in about 1 month for my yearly exam and plan on mentioning it at that visit

    Does anyone else experience this, specifically postmenopause?

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    Re: Postmenopause breast pain

    I am peri menopause and i get all sorts of weird breast sensations (which do terrify me), especially when they are one sided. Are you on HRT?

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    Re: Postmenopause breast pain

    No, I'm actually postmenopause and no HRT.
    What I feel is sometimes both sides, sometimes one.
    Seems like the pain moves around.
    Due to my anxiety I keep checking them which I'm sure is making it worse

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