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Thread: Bloating at night again

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    Bloating at night again

    Hey there,

    For the past few weeks I've had a few nights where I wake up with a bloated and painful stomach. After a toilet visit it goes away. No blood or weight loss. It's semi explainable, my mom had a possible cancer diagnosis which made for extremely stressful weeks. It also seems to happen after eating dairy or fat food during the day. Still it scares me, normally I would have some diarrhea and it would be over with. Has anyone else had this?

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    Re: Bloating at night again

    I haven’t had this particular thing, but it does sound like a possible diary intolerance?

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    Re: Bloating at night again

    It happened after a visit to McDonalds, which sometimes does not bother me at all and sometimes it does. I had a good night after that but tonight another night of bloat. I'm not sure though if it might just be a sleep issue, because I'm very afraid when I go to sleep because of the bloating. I'm off to the doc next week, the anxiety is killing me. Does a good night between the bad nights mean a good sign?

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