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Thread: Nurse couldn't find my cervix!

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    Nurse couldn't find my cervix!

    So I went for my 3 yearly smear test on Monday and the nurse couldn't find my cervix! She had me stand up and jump a little, she had me put my fists under my back. Nothing worked. I go back in 2 weeks for her to try again.
    But I'm really worried there could be something serious wrong? The nurse did suggest me having 2 csections could have changed the position of my cervix.
    I've had 3 children - one vaginal birth, one emergency csection and one planned csection (youngest born last year)
    My cervix was always very easy for them to reach until I had my first csection. I could even feel it myself.
    But my first smear after my first csection, the nurse had a bit of trouble and said my cervix was very high.
    And it seems its gone even higher since my last csection?
    The Dr did examine me a few weeks ago and she said she saw my cervix and it looked fine (she was examining me because I had some random light bleeding)
    I am of course now thinking all sorts and thinking the random light bleeding I had is related and that I have a tumour in there or something!

    Has anyone else had anything like this happen please?

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    Re: Nurse couldn't find my cervix!

    It's actually normal to have a high cervix it can change positions depending on where you are at in your cycle.

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