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Thread: White hard bump on gum

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    White hard bump on gum

    I've been pretty good with my HA for ages, but it's back and I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I've had this thing on my gum for about 6 weeks now, it started like a little grain of rice but has got bigger and rounder, it's quite hard. I saw a Dr a couple of weeks ago and they said to see a dentist, so today I saw my dentist, after poking about he asked another dentist to come in for a second opinion. Both said they don't know what it is, they said it is probably harmless but are referring me to the hospital to check it out. I can't think about anything else and of course I've been searching the Internet (stupid I know) please help 🙁

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    Re: White hard bump on gum

    It could be a wart. I had one removed from the roof of my mouth and that was a hard lump.

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    Re: White hard bump on gum

    Thanks, I hope so,

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