I am truly freaking out. I have health anxiety, and usually all my 'symptoms' are inside my body. And I know they always end up being my anxiety.

But recently in the last three or four weeks I have been suffering from orbital edema type swelling above my eyelids. Just excess fluid there. Its really noticeable, it looks like I have an allergy or something, especially on one side. Sometimes it improves during the day, sometimes it doesn't.

Today I was sat down and pressed on my shin. It left a round dent. I have pitting edema! My legs are NOT noticeably swollen, at all
Neither are my feet or ankles. But the pitting is undeniably there right along my shin bone. I press in and I have a dent that stays for over 30 seconds.

Now, along with the eye swelling I am FREAKING out. Its not my anxiety just making it up, or hallucinating it. It's there.

I am SO worried I am in heart failure, or kidney failure. I have read online they rarely have symptoms at first anyway, so I could have been sitting on this for a while.

I also have slightly yellowing nails. I feel like this is it and I'm actually going to die like I suspected I would all along. I am shaking all over, totally terrified. I am only 36, I am usually healthy. I don't really drink. I don't smoke. My diet is on and off sowmtimes good soemtimes rubbish. I am maybe 1 or 2 stone over my ideal weight because I'm very short. But I run, I walk everywhere because i cant drive! How could this be possible?

I don't know what to do, I feel like I need to be seen NOW but my docs never have appointments and I'm too scared about what they might say because I know pitting edema is absolutely BAD NEWS.

Please help me stay calm whilst I try and get an appointment 😪 I can't function.