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Thread: Deathly scared of bats. Something flew on my face today. Rabies anxiety scrolls back.

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    Deathly scared of bats. Something flew on my face today. Rabies anxiety scrolls back.

    Deathly scared of bats. Something flew on my face today

    Location: California

    Possible animal: Bat

    Time of day: 1:00 P.M.

    No vaccination

    Hi guys, so today around 1:00 P.M i was in front of my workplace holding the door to go outside and something flew on my face and made contact with the right side of my face. Now i got immediately startled but my coworker who was facing me did not even notice something was wrong. But then i felt something on my face and looked at it and saw a wound forming there. We have a lot of bugs here especially in this hot weather. I was also under the sun so maybe this is from a mild sunburn??? Cause my skin was kind of peeled when i looked at that spot.

    Now me being terrified of bats immediately think that this was 10000 percent a bat that got me.

    Do i need to take the vaccination, was this a bat or not. I am terrified please if anyone can suggest something, i would highly appreciate it. By the way, the picture may not provide anything but just in case.IMG_6664.jpg

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    Re: Deathly scared of bats. Something flew on my face today. Rabies anxiety scrolls b

    I work in a building where bats come in frequently. They really arenít that sneaky - if you are awake, you will 100% see a bat if it flies by you and certainly if it hits you in the face. They also also are precision fliers, and donít just randomly run into people or fly by and randomly bite - they prefer to have their space. Finally, that wound definitely looks more like a bug bite than anything, if not just a scrape where you may have scratched at it.
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