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    Just Curious

    I am wondering if people feel that their significant other is supportive of their anxiety issues?

    Also I am new. Looking forward to getting to know people better.

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    Re: Just Curious

    Hi Faith and welcome...
    My other half is okish, I think he thinks if he doesn’t say anything it will go away but definitely doesn’t understand why I think and react the way I do, he as never suffered with anxiety of any form so Never gets the symptoms...
    Sometimes if I’m really bad with HA he can get a bit annoyed with me which doesn’t help...

    Hows your other half xxx

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    Re: Just Curious

    My other half is useless. Once I was in a full blown anxiety meltdown and he left the room saying, "I can't handle this." It makes me angry because I don't really have anyone else to talk to about this. Since he did that I have not told him about any of my fears. I'm grateful for this forum.

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    Re: Just Curious

    I am also grateful for this forum. I think anxiety IS a very frustrating affliction to live with so I do try to shield my loved ones where possible (and its not always!!). That is why I find NMP a godsend!!

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    Re: Just Curious

    Agreed. My husband occasionally gets annoyed but I can see why - anxiety does make people annoying. I do my best not to bring him down along with me.
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    Re: Just Curious

    I'm new too! First day here. Probs with anxiety is its with us ALL the time and while long suffering partner is mostly supportive he can get ridiculously grumpy, withdraw and pull the rug from my feet. It's tough to trust someone with that added worry that it might not be one of his kind and supportive days. Having this group, I hope, will be helpful as you all know what the struggle is like. Love to all.

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