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Thread: Why does reassurance never help?

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    Why does reassurance never help?

    Evening all,

    Iím 46, been having some heavy and lengthy bleeding, so I went to my gynaecologist who said probably my age. (She knows me from 2.5 years previous as I had investigations then and nothing was found). So, she took a biopsy and arranged a scan. I wasnít worried until I had the scan and the lady was fairly non-communicative; all she said was my lining was thickened. So I was a wreck for a couple of days afterwards. I couldnít sleep, eat, function, talk - thinking of all the what ifs.

    Fast forward to yesterday and I spoke with my consultant. I have been told thereís nothing life threatening or dangerous going on, that thereís no sign of malignancy or atypical cells but that I do need treatment just in case the cells may change and this is scheduled for July.

    So, why after initial relief am I today STILL so anxious!? I am not scared of the anaesthetic or procedures she has in mind but am absolutely convinced they will find more wrong when they actually see inside; that what sheís told me isnít the truth because she knows Iím anxious so has sugarcoated it etc etc.

    Why does the mind do this? How do you deal with this? Please tell me itís not just me that does this! Please let me know your coping strategies. I have a month before my procedure and I canít enjoy life like this x

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    Re: Why does reassurance never help?

    Our mind loves to be told over and over again that we're alright, that it's nothing serious. I see it as getting addicted to reassurance because we want to feel this relief all over again. So we seek more bad scenarios in hopes of being told or finding out that it's still nothing serious happening to us. This the self checking, googling.
    I'm in this place myself right now, I wrote a thread about it, and despite finding signs that i'm alright I constantly check again just in case something changed.
    In my opinion and experience, the only efficient way to stop, is to break the cycle. No more checking, no more reassurance, no more googling. No matter how hard it seems. It's the only option to take the mind off the topic, with time, the urge to hear again that we're alright will fade.
    Trust the doctor - she knows what she's doing, accept the fear but don't give it any power over you - try to live as usual, despite the fear, it will lessen when not given any attention ❤

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    Re: Why does reassurance never help?

    Thank you for this. Youíve made me feel much better. Itís scary what our brains can to do us and you are right, Iím not a dr, she is a consultant in her field and all of my tests were done and read by experts. Problem is, we all read google and think we are experts by default🤣 x

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