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Thread: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

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    so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

    Hi everyone,

    i've been getting this pain in the right side of my chest since August when i was heavily pregnant with my daughter.

    It comes and goes, its like a stabbing pain but not that painful...not so bad that i have to take painkillers or anything, it literally lasts for seconds but when i'm having an 'episode' of them they happen frequently and for maybe a day or two off and on.

    I have today been to see the doctor about this who told me that my bp is ok, heart sounds good and healthy and lungs ok - clear anyway. Apparently if i had a blood clot it would be a constant severe stabbing type pain that would not go away!

    I suppose this puts my mind at ease...but then i think that they might take one look at my notes before i go in and conclude im just having a health anxiety atack and overlook serious problems. Does anyone else have trouble actually accepting what their doctor says? I feel like thats my 2nd home sometimes!

    Love Cassi23

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    Re: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

    I have had similar and went to the Docs convinced it was my heart........ she insisted it was a pulled muscle in between the rib cage. It still plays up now sometimes, I have to bear it in mind when lifting the kids, but I usually think of thw worst case scenario rather than the pulled muscle, I am still here and you will be too for a long time yet, I am, sure it is prob a similar story for you..try not to worry. If it were a blood clot you would know by now. xxxx

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    Re: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

    hi i too think i hav a blood clot in my lung i have been freaking out as per usual wen i get a twinge or a pain!!! i first had the shooting pain in my left rib and it went rgt to the top of my left shoulder thn it was gone as it always does but it leaves me with achy ribs and achy side of my ribs mines is at the top of my ribs anyway just readn wat u said abt doc sayn if wer blood clot gave me reasurrence bcos i had really thot i had p.e my shootin pain is sore wen i get i get it its just the 1 shootin pain then it goes n wont cum bck till god knows i think the fact i had googled up wat cud b the pain has made me think the worst iam goin to try n stop googlin wen i get a pain or twinge.......
    jillian xxx

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    Re: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!


    It's more likely that when you were pregnant, the baby could have been lying akwardly hense the pain. Trust me this can take a good while to go away. I had my son 9 years ago and still suffer from the sore back that i did when i was pregnant!!

    Hope this helps


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    Re: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

    omg i honestly thought i was the only person that felt like this. i too have the horrible stabbing pains in my lungs and i too am convinced that its a clot. i find myself thinking about every little twinge and then i convince myself that i have been having pains in my legs as well. it happens quite alot since i had my son nearly two years ago, i have had loads of tests. i just cant accept what the doc says. i do for a short time and then it happens again.


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    Re: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

    thanks for your replies everyone - i suppose i know its not a clot, having it since august i dont think id still be here would i?

    Im nothaving the pain at all today, just know that due to the anxiety as soon as it comes back ill be the same!
    I was doing well...hadnt been tomy doctors for a month and then this.

    thanks anyway, good toknow im not alone - im sure it is pregnancy related!

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    Re: so scared of blood clot on my lungs!

    Hi everyone, i keep getting this pain in my right arm! I have a solid fear of getting a bloodclot, its gotten so bad i have to straighten my arms and legs every 10mins and keep them straight for 10mins.

    I neveer believe what the doctors tell me but they are right 99% of the time as they know what to look for

    One day you will be rewarded for your struggles and praised for your fighting spirit

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