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    Re: up date on mids meet up.

    sorry sheba just found this post on 3rd page of this topic
    Quote "
    O k, slight change of plan,Jess has very kindly got us in at a work shop in long eaton near nottingham, pls go to and have a look. We can have the room for free, and parking is free too.It,s her original idea of a "paint a pot party", if everyone bought an item of food we could set up a buffet,there is a kitchen we can use,it,s close to a tesco,s and an asda and the artroom is on the canel bank if anyone fancied a walk. Jess has booked us in for the 13th april. I know that this was going to be confirmed on friday but as the room is free that sunday i did,nt see the point of waiting till then.I hope this alright with everyone, and could we pls thank jess and meg for their help in getting this meet up arranged.pAINT A POT IS JUST £3.

    hope this helps xx
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    Re: up date on mids meet up.

    I am paying for anyone that wants to paint a pot - my gift to you all.

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