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Thread: Quetiapine /seroquel

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    hi guys, was just reading this thats popped up again and reading wot i said a year ago,, lol,, very intresting.
    Since then ive went up to 200mg xl at night and the only side affect was weight gain which was around 21lbs, 1 1/2 stone,, and i couldnt shift it it was just creeping on, so i decided which docs advise to wean down im now down to 50mg once a night and im ok, they got me out of a big hole, i have the iption to take 25mg normal version if im bad or diaizpam. i see why people hate this drug cause weight gain can issue all other feelings bout yourself, but im ok,, and doing well.
    Current meds,
    duloxetine 60mg am/ pm , cut out night time one,, see how it goes,
    seroquel 200mg xr pm ------ weaned down to 150mg-------now 100mg------ 50mg---------NONE-----back on 50mg

    diaizpam 5mg, as needed.

    come on panic attack do your worse,, you can knock me down,, BUT I WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN.

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    I am very sensitive when it comes to tablets and what is a high/ok dose for me is only an 8th of what others seem to have ! I have tried many anti anxiety tablets and am now on 25mg of Seroquel at night, I only started these four days ago and am completly zombified during the day but having a lovely sleep at night ! Do you think these zombie feelings may wear off ? I am fortunate that the anxiety does not stop me from working and I work in a school so am due to have five weeks off so am happy to see if these zombie feelings disapear

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    I'm been taken off Clomipramine and moved onto Quetiapine as I've been diagnosed with BPD as well as the depression, anxiety and OCD I knew about.

    I started on 50mg last night and can't say that I felt much of anything, though I did sleep more heavily than usual last night. I'm also on 5mg of diazepam 3 times a day and don't think that's doing anything either. Perhaps I need a tranquillizer dart to the neck The dosage is being slowly increased to 200mg so hopefully I'll see some results by then.

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    Quote Originally Posted by joy View Post
    anyone on this as a sleep aid or as an add on to a anti depressant?


    yes, i was prescribed this primarily diagnosed as having Schizzo-affective disorder by my previous Psychiatrist, and secondarily as a sleep aid .( as I have been an insomniac since 1990.).

    The dose i took initially was 100mg at night, but because of the side effect, my previous psychiatrist lowered it to 50mg.
    I've been on it since 2005-2008, until I saw my current psychiatrist.

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    Hi Joy,
    I am super sensetive to alot of tablets and have tried others but they gave me horrendous headaches.
    My dr wanted me to start at 75 and slowly go up to 75 but they were too strong !
    I now take 12 mg at night and struggle to wake in the morning !
    I am not sure my racing thoughts etc during the day calm but I do at least get a good nights sleep

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    I'm so glad I found this post. I have recently started on quetiapine for intrusive thoughts and some psychosis. I am only taking 25mg per day and I take it at night time. I must admit I feel loads better on them, they are brilliant. I'm on them along with my usual 20mg of cipralex. At first they made me sleepy but after a few weeks that feeling wears off a little.

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    Hi all, I'm new here and have just found the forums

    I am currently on 25mg quetiapine 6 times daily and 300mg xl at night. I haven't really had any bad side effects and it does not help me sleep, my psychiatrist wanted to get me off zopiclone so I am now on promethazine for sleeping which is working for me. Also take 60 mg Duloxetine on a morning and 5mg diazepam 3 times daily.

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    Re: Quetiapine /seroquel

    I want to share my experience especially regarding Zyprexa (olazepine, is that spelling right?). They are a newer antipsychotic just like serquel, sort of like prozac to paxil. I have found this drug in a tiny dose to be extremely helpful just like the stories above. I am banned from SSRI's now due to my bad reaction to one and Zyprexa is the only psychotropic tool I have now. I have only ever taken 7 1/4 doses so far since 2006 but they are just brilliant at subtly leveling your head out and in the small dose it is done actually really naturally or it feels that way anyway. I suppose that is why they are a bit more pricey but you may only need the one box for a couple of years like me because it seemed to stabilize me and I remained stabilized when going off them. Remember to ask your chemist about the side effects of any meds though including this one - but remember all the side effects and the nastier ones seem to only occur in the massive doses. I had pretty much NO side effects at all on Zyprexa tiny dose but heaps on low-moderate anti-depressant dose. Good stuff.

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