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Thread: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

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    Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    I am terrified of this! They put me completely under so I am scared! I am also worried about the afterwards and the pain and swelling etc.
    I am doing everything I can not to cancel the appointment because I really need it done but I am going crazy!

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    Allison Your Gonna Be Just Fine Yes Any One Would Be Nervous Hun Its The Anticapation Of It All......just Think Once Ya Under When U Wake It Seems Like Not Even 30 Seconds Went By......just Do As Instructed And You Will Heal Just Fine....please Dont Cancell Dont Wanna Hold Off.....i Wish Ya Well..lets Us Know How Ya Did............linda Xxx

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    Hi Alison,

    I haven't had it done, but my wife has and she was sore and grumpy for a few days. Some good drugs at the time and some to follow up (Tylenol 3's and Antibiotics).Keep a moist teabag against it afterwards apparently the tanic acid helps speed healing and prevent infection.

    God Bless. Stay strong.


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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    Hi Alison - I've had this done a while ago - same as you, I was put completely under too. I felt exactly the same as you before I went, and I decided to let the consultant and nurses know about my panic & anxiety and they were brilliant! They calmed me down and I was meant to go down later but they moved me to first thing to get it over with. They also gave me a stronger sedative so I was really calm before.

    When I did come round, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Did feel abit sore for a couple of days, but nothing more. Well, that was my experience any way. Wish you well for tomorrow.

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    Hi Becky,my dentist did mine,no aneasthetic.It was sore for a few days and achey.Lots of warm salt washes.It will ok.
    Yorkylover xxx

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    I've had two out under consious sedation. There was more pain with the lower tooth because its coming out of the jaw, but NOTHING in comparison to the pain i experience before. I'd rather have all my wissies out than suffer tooth ache.

    You'll have pain and swelling for a couple of days, but i only took one painkiller for both teeth.

    I'm sure you will be just fine, the anticipatory anxiety is much worse than the actual thing...


    Panic attacks started in 1992. 1998 i became agoraphobic which lead into being room bound. Couldn't even get upstairs. 2002 i started getting better, able to drive and work. 2005 i became house bound again. 2009 i have been making SLOW progress, still not able to go anywhere alone, but my journeys are getting longer. No where near 'normal' but at least i can go out.

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    I had 3 wisdom taken out by dentist and was completely fine.

    The final one was squint and I had to go to hospital for to have it removed as it wasnt coming through properly. They wanted to give me sedation but I was too scared so opted for local anthesthic and I was completely fine again. They cut through gum and I felt nothing.

    Was in for a few hours and afterwards got to eat a yoghurt as nothing had been allowed prior to it.

    Mouth did feel sore afterwards but not too painful just uncomfortable but pain killers did help.

    Tell them how u feel, they will be more than helpful hunni.

    Thinking of you

    Darkangel x

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    Alison I had this done at the hospital.

    I too was scared stiff - so much so when they went to take me down I told them I had changed my mind but they said it was too late.

    I remember they said count to 10 and u will go to sleep - I counted to about 2 and the next thing I know I am coming back up to the recovery suite.
    I was high - they said I had a 'good' reaction to the anaesthetic and was like I was drunk lol, I tried to leave in my gown.

    Also - this makes everyone chuckle - they said I had to remove my underwear (think its incase they have anything metal on them or something) but I argued with the nurse that surely having my teeth out didnt require me to remove my pants (I kept them on - I am stubborn lol)

    You will be fine - it will be over before u know it. I didnt get much pain or swelling.


    Claire xxx

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!


    I had a wisdom tooth removed under a local 20 yrs ago!!!!

    Went out for a meal the same evening!!!!

    You will be fine


    Kaz x x x

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    Re: Wisdom teeth out tomorrow! TERRIFIED!

    Don't worry Alison - you will be fine. I had 2 out in the dentists chair with injection and that was no problem. To have a general is even better cos you get to have a nice little sleep - fantastic. Don't cancel - they're better out than in - good luck chuck.

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