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Thread: Fluoxetine 20 mg

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    Unhappy Fluoxetine 20 mg

    Hi, how long does it take to work. I have been taking it for 8 days now and feel worse. I get dizzy spells and more anxiety than before. Do I need to give it more time? I thought I would ask here before going back to the doctors as I feel I live there!!!!

    I know it is not a quick fix but I want to feel BETTER
    One Day at a Time

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    I am not a medical person but I was given this medication some years ago and was told to give it at least a couple of months to kick in. It is quite common to feel a rise in anxiety when taking new mediation. I am not sure if this an actual side effect or our own body being anxious as we are taking something we are unsure of? If you are overly concerned it would do no harm to give the doc a call but in the first instance I would just have a read of side effects on the leaflet that came in the box....good luck, Sarah x

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    Hi there,

    Just my 2p's worth: -

    When I first took Prozac they made me feel worse for a few days.

    Then, on the 11th day, I woke up and felt normal. Very strange AND WONDERFUL!!

    I have since been on and off them - don't ask me why - when you feel normal you seem to forget how bad the real lows can be!!

    Anyway, I digress!

    The second time I went back on them they took a week to 'kick-in', then the third time it was two-and-a-half weeks.

    Basically, the fact you are feeling a bit worse suggests they definitely are doing something in your body and - from what i've read - the general opinion is that the side effects tend to diminish after a while.

    It seems to be quite common that you can feel worse for a while however I do sympathise as I know it can be unpleasant to say the least and it's easy for someone not going through it at this particular time to tell you to stick it out a while longer!

    Courage my friend!

    Best of British to you!!

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    It does take the fluoxetine a while to kick with any anti-d's especially from the SSRI family the anxiety etc can be worse especially in the first few weeks.

    to know how a person is responding it takes at least 2 weeks.Dont give up just yet.

    Best of luck

    bet x

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    Actually I find the above quite encouraging as I'm now on day 9 and have definitely been feeling worse rather than better. I was taking citalopram 20mg for a year, but suddenly I started going downhilll again as if it was no longer working. I did increase to 40 mg but no difference so the GP changed me back to fluoxetine (I've taken it in the past and it has helped me before). But so far I'm no better but maybe I still need to wait a bit longer as like I said it's only 9 days. ITs the anxiety in the morning that I really hate because I never used to wake up early. Now I find I'm waking up well before the alarm goes off and I am just laying there panicking about getting up and thinking that the alarm will go off soon. It's horrible. I hope it gets better as I never used to be like this before. But from what I have been reading a lot of people experience this anxiety in the beginning, so maybe it's "normal"?

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    I agree, I take prozac 20mg and it took about 4-5 weeks to kick in. I felt dizzy and anxious also in the morning, but definitly stick with it, once you get through the initial few weeks, the side effects start to wear off and the benefits kick in and I think it was worth going through all of that as I feel so much better now.

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    I'm just restarting beta blockers (Propanalol 40mg) and have been taking them for 8 days. There has been some effect but as I type this I feel very anxious. Very tempted to go back on the Clomipramine as well (old style anti-depressant). I had been off them for 3 months and all was going well until a bad spell which knocked me right back.

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    Hi... I am too on 20mg fluoxetine and have experienced the same side effects as most on here. I have been on them since September and only after the first 5 weeks did I see a difference.

    Stick with it and it will get easier. In the interim period I took proponal and diazipam. One bit of advice though is you are best to avoid drinking alcohol as this only weakens the drug and takes longer to build the level back up.

    Keep going....I am sure you will start feeling better soon.

    Nic x
    It takes more effort to frown than it does to smile....give it a go....its infectious!

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    Exclamation Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    I have been on fluoxetine 20mg for 9 days, was prescribed for depression and premenstrual disphoric disorder.
    I felt great for the first 3 days, now i feel awful.
    I feel bloated and fat, very sore breasts.

    I have been on meds for 4 years now and they always stop working, the last time i was told to "hang on" and "wait it out" i waited for 8 month with zero improvement.

    I feel as though i am losing it.

    PLEASE can someone give me some advise. i dont know where to turn and what to do. I cant take this anymore>

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    Re: Fluoxetine 20 mg

    my experience with fluoxetine.....definitely makes you feel alot worse first....but eventually it worked,feel so much better
    ...really hope it works for you all coz this anxiety/panic sucks

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