Hi guys.
I have just seen my gp, thinking that my thyroid levels were out of whack again but after a long discussion, she (and I) believe that the symptoms I am having indicates a bout of mild depression with quite severe anxiety. This anxiety wakes me at 3.00am in a sweaty panic and I can't get back to sleep. If I'm honest, this has been creeping up on me for a while now and was probably caused by work stress/moving house and life in general! She has prescribed trazodone at a dosage of 50mg night and morning (quite a low dose I believe).
I have read the post further down the forum page and it was helpful BUT I am a total tablet wimp and I am scared (oh so very scared!!) to start taking them. I know they will probably help both the anxiety and the sleep disturbance but the thought of feeling weird and funny in the head is really frightening for me.
I have had problems with anxiety on and off for many years and have even been hospitalised on occasion. I have been prescribed loads of different meds at different times, and some of them made me feel very odd indeed so perhaps this is is why I am so apprehensive with these new ones!
Any input on this particular medication would be very welcome. Many thanks xxMaz