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Thread: Question About Blood Tests

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    Question About Blood Tests

    I've recently had some blood work done due to feeling unwell and experiencing pelvic and lower back pain.

    Tests were:

    FBC+Diff, ESR, U+E, Creatine, Glucose, Liver Function, Bone Profile, Thyroid Function, B12/Folate, CRP.

    The ESR, CRP came back slightly raised, also blood platelets show lower end of abnormal. Doc seems unconcerned by these results, I guess because I've had a slightly raised ESR for the past decade or so.
    I'm now awaiting an abdo scan and Doc doesn't want to see me again unless this throws up something.

    Meantime I've still got the pain and it's quite debilitating. Guess what? I've convinced myself it's caused by something sinister. A previous doctor told me that if an ESR reading goes over 100 it could be an indicator of something serious.

    Can anyone tell me if a high ESR, CRP and WBC diff always has to be considerably raised to indicate something sinister? Can I be reassured by my lower end readings that the big 'C' is unlikely to be present?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Re: Question About Blood Tests


    Sorry you are so worried.I have had some of the inflammatory markers done too.Do you know what your reading are?

    H x

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    Re: Question About Blood Tests

    Thanks DS.

    Hunny, My ESR reading have been between 30 and 40 for the last few years. Not overly raised I agree but surely and indication of somethings not quite right? I didn't get to ask about the reading for my CRP or platelet count. I get the distinct impression my GP thinks I'm a pain in the butt. Going back to the ESR reading, yes, if it was something sinister things would've got a lot worse by now but I've never had this prolonged, debilitating pain before and that's what's concerning me but obviously not my GP. He doesn't have to live with it though does he?! Guess all i can do is wait for the abdo scan.

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    Re: Question About Blood Tests


    My Dr told me that some people naturally have a higher esr reading than others and that in those with a low level reading they wouldn't even begin to look for anything until it had gone over 60 or even more so with yours it would be 100+ I would imagine

    According to my GP the "normal" CRP readings are to be <10

    Loads of luck with the scan but I bet you are just fine(not much help I know)

    This anziety has a lot to answer for!!

    H x

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    Re: Question About Blood Tests

    My friend had multiple myeloma a cancer of the bone marrow and her ESR was 250! plus all her other blood tests were way up high. At that point they didn't know what was wrong with her but they sure knew it was probably cancer and they did all the tests and found out what was wrong.

    ESR is usually below 14 but anthing up to 50 is nothing to worry about as its usually jsut a sign of inflamation, did you know a urine infection can put your ESR up to 50?

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    Re: Question About Blood Tests

    Many thanks to all those who took the time to reply to my questions. I am reassured by the reponses.

    I did have a dipstick urine test when I first presented to the GP. He found blood and protein in it but no high readings of white blood cells. Again he didn't seem overly worried by it and I'm not sure it's a urine/bladder/kidney problem. It more points to the gynae/bowel area.

    Does anyone know if what a general ESR reading would be if inflammatory bowel disease or an inflammed bowel was present? I asked my GP about this condition and he said there would be blood and mucus present in stools which there isn't but I've heard of others with this condition who didn't necessarily have these either.

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    Re: Question About Blood Tests

    You are absolutely right in what you say D_S. I'm going to keep on keeping on until I'm throughly reassured and if I don't get any joy, will seek further opinion from another GP.

    Thanks again.

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