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    Want to sell unwanted items or pick up a bargain?

    This forum is for anyone that wants to sell things - a bit like Ebay but without the fees

    Simply start a new thread, add a picture of your item, a description and a starting bid and when you will close the auction if you want to end it on a certain day/time. You also need to specify Postage and Packing costs. If you are willing to post the item outside of the UK then please specify postage costs for that as well.

    You should also say how people can pay - Paypal, cheque, Postal Order etc.

    You will be responsible for contacting the winning member and arranging to post the item to them etc.

    Do NOT give any personal info like your email address / home address / phone number. People should contact you via PM.

    It has been suggested that some people may like to donate a small percentage of the final selling price to NMP. You are under NO obligation to do this at all but if you want to mention this in your auction then please do so.

    Happy selling / buying!
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