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Thread: eye headache

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    eye headache

    i have a funny headache in my left eye (i no that sounds weird) but im really worried that its my blood pressure or sumthin n that im going to have a stroke or something does any body else get this or no if thia is the kind of head ache u get from high bp ??

    thanks xxxxx

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    Re: eye headache

    also my left eye is twitchin quite alot n i feel sick .am really scared

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    Re: eye headache


    I'm with you all the way. Both my eyes are stinging, so of course I'm going blind! I reckon we'll both be OK if we try and stop thinking about it.


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    Re: eye headache

    hiya hanna i hope what im about to tell you helps. my daughter hannah who is 14 has been getting pain in her left eye and also a headache on the left side of her head at the same time. her eye can go very vascular ( blood shot ) at times as well . she has had it looked at by an optician and a eye doctor at the hospital and been told there is nothing wrong. hannah thinks she has a brain tumour but it is all down to her anx and pa attacks. the docs have told hannah this is stress related and nothing more. you have my msn if you wanna talk to me about it ok hun. take care .

    kellie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Re: eye headache


    Headaches near or over or surrounding the eye are very, very common in Anxiety sufferers. Don't forget that headaches are the most common results of stress and tension, and as sufferers we get enough of that.

    I regularly suffer from deep pressure over the eye ( normally always the left) and also shooting pain to the left of my forehead and occasionally, a bloodshot eye.

    Get you eyes checked out for reassurance. If it is a blood pressure problem then you will be monitored and informed on how to adjust your diet, lifestyle etc., in order to deal with it.

    It's no 'big deal' nowadays. I'd bet money it's an Anxiety issue.

    Take care.


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