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    Any comments on Trazadone, please? This might be my next line of attack ofr acute depression /anxiety and I'd like to know more about it. Thanks a lot. Janey

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    Re: Trazadone

    Hi Janey,

    I take Trazodone 150mg at night and 50mg in the morning. The Trazodone has really worked for me although the side effects cause me to feel a little queezy and drowsy at times, especially at night.

    I have only been taking the 50mg in a morning for the past couple of weeks for my anxiety but they seem to be doing the trick.

    Hope you get on ok with them, let me know of your progress.


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    Re: Trazadone

    ive just got back from the doctors and he has now changed my tablets to trazodone 150 mg which i have 2 start to night.

    love sandyjanexxx

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    Re: Trazadone

    Hi Janey,

    I as prescribed Trazadone as a sleep medication and it worked great but made me too sleepy during the day so I stopped taking it. I must say I was on another med for anxiety though. I hope it works well for you.



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