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Thread: Nightmare weekend (emetophobia)

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    Nightmare weekend (emetophobia)

    Sunday night it happened My diddle daughter woke up at midnight with bad stomach ache at 1 oclock she was violently sick manged to hold it together - untill yesterday when my tummy got queasy I was violently sick in the toilet my stomach felt like a washing machine I cant believe this has happened how has it happened im normally so carefull, The children have antibac gel in their lunch boxes and they always use it.
    My oldest boy has just came out of his room asking for a sick bowl

    Please tell me I can't get IT again I can't go through vomiting again (last time was when i was preg with the twins and boy thats a totally different stroy)

    Sorry for the major moan

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    Re: Nightmare weekend (emetophobia)

    You poor thing......I hope you and your kids are feeling better. It sounds like you coped brilliantly hun. Is it possible that you all ate something that was not right? I'm sure that if you were going to be sick again, it would have happened by now. I know it's sounds easy to say when you are not the one going through it, but just try to keep as calm as possible. Sending you lots of hugs. xxx

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