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Thread: Is this anxiety/panic disorder?

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    Is this anxiety/panic disorder?

    Hi folks, I've got some questions about various "symptoms" and events that seem to coincide with them. Just wondering if some of the experienced guys and girls here could advise? I appreciate this post is long, so thank you to those who read and perhaps reply.

    I'm a (relatively) healthy 28 year old male from Glasgow. For the last three or so years I've had a variety of "symptoms" which have freaked me out, scared me, etc .. only one of which I've had fully looked into a discarded by Doctors. I currently suffer from High Blood Pressure, which I am on medication for.

    In late 2004 I began having muscle twitches. They began in my thigh muscles and would range from small quivers to full scale quad muscle movement. I done what we've probably all done and Google'd "twitches" only to be presented with every incurable disease under the sun. This set me into a near 6 month period of believing my life was over ... I never consulted the Doctors over them, I just dealt with them and eventually, after spreading to every conceivable part of the body, they stopped. Those six months however, were harrowing, and were probably the beginning of my "problems".

    In February 2006 I met my now Fiancee and things were great. However, in July that same year, while at work, there was a sudden sensation of pushing/pressure on the top left hand side of my head, about three/four inches directly above my left temple. I went to the Doctors who suggested Tension Headache ... but this wasn't sore, it was just a tightness/pressure sensation in this one small area on the side of my head. He ordered a CT scan which was done in August with the results back in September. I got an all clear, as did my blood work which was done simultaneously. During this period (June/July 06) my Fiancee and I were in the process of buying our first home.

    And now my most recent "symptom" seems to be what could be Panic Attacks? In work two weeks ago I got a sensation of tingling/buzzing in my lower left lip. This feeling seemed to linger there and moved a little to my left cheek before gradually vanishing. The only thing was that as I focused on the feeling I thought, "Stroke" ... then I felt like I couldn't breathe or swallow, my head felt really light (almost floaty) and my shoulders and upper arms got warm and felt a little like they weren't there, but I knew they were. When the buzzing or tingling lip/cheek isn't there I sometimes have a tingling left eyebrow (the furthest out tip it seems) and a feeling like there's something sitting right on top of my head ... like someone's just walked past and balanced a book on there, but of course there's nothing there.

    Other silly things are like a sensation of fullness in my right ear, which I've had checked by a Doctor who looked in my ear with a light and told me "everything looks fine". If I pop my ears it goes away, but sometimes it feels "blocked".

    In August last year my closest Grandmother passed away and the following month my Fiancee miscarried after 8 weeks of pregnancy. We also have our Wedding in April this year.

    Last week, when I went in to pay for and pick up our Wedding Rings, I was enjoying a conversation with the woman behind the counter, when out of nowhere I got that same light headed/floaty, warm and weightless arms feeling. I felt fine, I wasn't afraid of anything ... on a conscious level anyway ... that would trigger a panic attack (if that's what it indeed was?). I somehow managed to see it through by focusing on the assistant's words and following through the Chip & Pin transaction. After 30 seconds or so, it was gone ... replaced by a little fear, a touch of indigestion, and lots of questions.

    And now, to top it all off I've had a dull headache right at the back of my head/base of my skull which won't shift and has been there for almost two days now. Can all of this really be anxiety or stress?
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    Re: Is this anxiety/panic disorder?

    Hi Mindvox,

    In answer to your question, yes it most certainly could be anxiety/stress! it effects all of us in lots of different ways. It can come out the blue for no aparent reason and scare the b'jesus out of us. Please read though the symptoms section of the forum and see if anything strikes a chord with you.

    Just remember you are under alot of stress at the moment with your wedding day approachng but things should ease up soon!!

    take care

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    Re: Is this anxiety/panic disorder?

    Hi Mindvox

    Im so glad you have shared how you are feeling with us.

    I read you thread twice to make sure I read it right before I say anything.

    It sounds to me you are having physical symtoms of anxiety and panic attacks. I get a pressure in my head as if its going to explode, it may be tension headaches like your gp suggests .
    Muscle pain and pain around the body is also a classic symtom and can be distressing for the person to deal with especially if they dont know why.

    You said during this time you were buying your first home, OMG thats one of the worst stresses anyone can have, i to have just moved not 3 weeks ago and I swear I will never do it again, my anxiety and panic went through the roof and alot of people stayed out of my way.

    Im so sorry you lost your grandmother, losing a relative so close is so very painful and on top of that you lost a baby, the hurt and pain you have gone through.
    You seem to have alot on your plate at the same time. Anxiety and panic will rear its head as your mind and body tries to cope with all that is going on.

    I hope ive said the right things to you and helped in some way.

    Take care of you and each other, Pm me if you wish to talk.


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    Re: Is this anxiety/panic disorder?

    Thanks for your replies, and so quickly too.

    The sensation of floating/warmth in my head, shoulders, and arms (along with weightlessness) was frightening ... especially since I was calm and felt absolutely fine while in the store picking up our wedding rings.

    I don't know if it was some kind of suppressed stress regarding the wedding that brought it on, or was it perhaps the cost of the rings during a tight time financially for us both? It's like when the woman behind the counter was taking my payment I focused on her words and went through with the transaction, but it was like while I knew what I was doing my arms felt odd ... not there, but there. It's hard to put into words, and that's what's so annoying.

    As I said, it passed quickly but I felt so tired in the hours that followed.

    I checked out the symptoms section and read a lot of threads using the search facility. It's amazing to see so many people mention the same kind of "symptoms" ... and all through anxiety, stress, or both.

    Sometimes I do feel a little stressed out, but on the whole I genuinely felt like I was handling everything well. I don't feel stressed every day, I don't feel scared prior to any panic attacks (if that's what I'm having) or tingling/buzzing sensations. I was always under the impression that something had to frighten you first before the panic attack set in ... it seems this assumption was grossly misplaced on my part?
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