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Thread: weight loss

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    weight loss

    I am worried about my weight i have lost a stone and half in 8 wks i have thoughts there is something seriously wrong with me i weighed 11.5 now i am 10 i hate this losing weight its nver happened to me b4 i also swallow constantly which gets me mad i am due to see a phyciatrist i'm hoping they help, this weight loss bothers me, i have had blood test done which was normal thyriod test normal not anemic but still losing weight does any1 else have problems like this.


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    hi Lin,

    Could there be any reason for the weight loss? Are you on medication? Some meds can cause you to lose or gain weight. Are you eating properly?


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    hi lin

    when i first had anxiety 10 yrs ago i dropped 1 stone in weight if not more, thyroid etc was normaal.

    it is the constant state of anxiety that makes you loose weight, your heart is pounding and it takes alot of energy to feel so tense so you burn up more calories.
    also my appetite goes when im anxios so i make sure i take vitamins, also i drink complan which is a meal in a drink, so you know you are getting some liquid food

    hope this helpsi

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    hi maybe your eating less without realising i had loss of appetite for a while

    fan x

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    I lost a stone in weight in the month after I suffered the first panic attack. I only weigh 8 & a half stone normally so thought I would disappear!
    Am sure much of this weight loss was due to the anxiety & being on 'red alert' much of the time. It was compounded by dental trauma & being unable to eat properly anyway at that time.
    I used fortified drinks to help when I couldn't eat enough either because of the anxiety or the 'gnashers'.

    Now that I am beginning to feel better the weight has gone back on.

    I hope you are able to check this out with your GP--& feel better soon.


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    Hi Lin

    Sorry things arent going too well for you. How you are feeling weight loss and gain can go either way and you will get through this.

    Take care.

    Love Sal xx

    Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

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    when my panic attacks were really bad a few years ago i wentfrom 10stone to 6 stone i stopped eating lived on toast.

    i only really put on the weight when i fell pregannt last year and i dont know how i manged to get pregrannt i was in a right state my bones were sticking out and a size 6 used to hang off me.

    after having my son 4 months ago im now 8 stone a size 10 i now eat properly.

    I would like to put on another stone but it wont go on.

    The doctor isnt concerned about my weight no more.

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