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Thread: The Hypnotic Diet 3 box CD

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    The Hypnotic Diet 3 box CD

    The Hypnotic Diet - A revolutionary new approach to weight loss.
    Do you feel as if you are fighting against yourself when you try to follow a diet? Have you been eating things you know you shouldn't, but are unable to stop yourself? Well you can stop blaming yourself right now. It's not your fault, it is simply a natural reaction to the way you currently eat and feel. The Hypnotic Diet will rescue you from the self-destructive cycle of eat-guilt-eat. The Hypnotic Diet takes care of what all other diets leave out - your unconscious mind.

    Diets based on food restriction do not work

    I take a guess that you are tired of being high as a kite on a new diet one day and miserable the next when you binge out - always starting again next Monday. With the Hypnotic Diet you will:
    • Never feel guilty about food again
    • Have good self esteem even if you're a negative thinker
    • Understand the 4 diet destabilizers that undermine ALL diets
    "So why will this work when other diets have failed?"

    Because diets based on willpower alone fail to recognise the massive impact that our unconscious mind has on our relationship to food. Habits formed over the years direct our attention and influence our actions around food, at a level that is beyond the reach of the logical brain.

    How the Hypnotic Diet overcomes this fundamental problem

    The Hypnotic Diet works completely the other way round. It starts by dealing with the instincts that force you to comfort eat, eat too much or crave sugary foods. Instead of having to force yourself, you feel like doing the things that are good for you. You desire healthy foods instead of unhealthy ones. You feel like doing moderate exercise, instead of having to beat yourself up to get yourself to do it.

    Hypnotic Diet Contents

    1 - Introduction, how the Hypnotic Diet works. Why the secret to effective long-term weight management lies with your unconscious mind. How the Hypnotic Diet re-trains that part of your brain to free you from old food regimes.

    2 - Getting started - introduction to hypnosis. Enjoy relaxing deeply to this hypnosis training session - a real boost for your mind and body. Creating a blueprint for a new, slimmer you.

    3 - Self hypnosis training session. Creating a relaxation trigger. A tool to relax in any situation. How to breathe in a relaxed way.

    4 - Diet Destabilizers Section - The four unconscious patterns that destroy diets. How and why unhealthy eating becomes an irresistible habit. How your learning brain is hijacked by repetition. Exercise. Habit-breaking hypnotic session - use this on the bad food habits you identify.

    5 - How emotional states become falsely linked with food. Exercise.

    6 - Hypnosis session to untie emotional links with food for good. Stop bingeing and end emotional eating. Eat only when the body really needs food. Living life as a future slimmer you - remodeling your self image.

    7 - What you need to know about addictive trance states and how to
    mobilize your motivation in the right direction.

    8 - Hypnosis session for breaking the grip of bingeing. Preparing your brain to stop before you start.

    9 - The 8 basic human needs and how they affect the way you eat: 1. The need for attention 2. The mind body connection 3. Purpose, goals and meaning 4. Connection to something bigger 5. Stimulation and challenge 6. Feeling understood and connection 7. The need for control 8. The need for status. The hidden reasons for long term weight problems. Setting the right background for maintaining your ideal weight.

    10 - How really understanding the blood sugar cycle can free you from food compulsion. How unstable blood sugar increases fat production, creates emotional problems and makes you ill. Why maintaining stable blood sugar is essential and surprisingly easy. How to get your blood sugar in line and keep it there.

    11 - Why yo-yo dieting is a natural response to poor diets. Keep your body out of famine mode and greatly reduce fat production.

    12 - Hypnosis session to teach your unconscious mind healthy new eating habits. Develop natural motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Prepare your brain to take you where you want to go.

    13 - Self image and negative thoughts - how they feed into poor weight control and what to do about them.

    14 - Hypnosis session to improve self image, confidence and self esteem.

    15 - How to wash away the hunger pangs. The importance of water in any healthy lifestyle and its impact upon appetite.

    16 - The truth about exercise, weight loss and happiness. Why extreme exercise is unnecessary.

    17 - Hypnosis session: Putting it all together. Embedding all your new knowledge and skills. Motivation for exercise and for reaching your weight goal.

    18 - Final summary. Main points for quick review.

    There is more information here

    Starting bid 4.00

    P&P 1.00

    Ending date 2 May 2008

    Payment by cheques or postal orders only please.


    Karen xx

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    Re: The Hypnotic Diet 3 box CD

    Hi Karen

    I'll bid 5


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