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    Feeling a burden

    People are often saying this..."I'm sorry to be a burden".

    I think often we become so used to people putting us down that we develop a sense of unworthiness so we feel our feelings are unimportant. Our low self esteem.

    We also fear that by sharing our feelings, people will put us down as they always have before so we'll end up feeling worse as we become afraid of "feeling hurt".

    Of course there is also the feeling of being ashamed because we feel weak for the way we feel. We feel we should be more capable like others. We become afraid of our unworthy feelings being enforced.

    One other thing though. We are always concerned about what others think of us and yet when we feel ill, we feel a burden for sharing but we don't then think how the friend feels who wants to help. We feel such a burden that we think its best to crawl into a shell but sometimes that means the person who wants to help then feels unwanted! Silly a!

    Bottling emotions and feelings solves nothing but sharing with those who understand who can give "positive feedback" can work wonders by boosting our morale, knowing that we're not alone and reminding us that not everyone is like those we've known in the past.

    Remember, that to bottle feelings just makes us more ill. The only way for healing to take place is by releasing and sharing. It's important though to share with people who we know will understand us which is why none of us on here should feel a burden for sharing because that's what this forum and the people on here are for!

    We are All equals. We All have anxieties. We All understand each other so no one should feel a burden to others on here because we're all in the same boat and we all want to support each other so never allow "fear of being burden" stop you from sharing because by talking to the right people such as on here, you can start healing.

    Fear affects all our thinking. Fear is often there within us unseen without us even realising. We create barriers but don't realise we create them. We can't see our fear is responsible. Fear can even stop us from sharing and so fear can prevent us getting better because fear enjoys controlling all our thoughts and thinking patterns!

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    Re: Feeling a burden

    What a great post Bill!
    Everyone has fears. I honestly think it's our reaction to that fear that causes so much of the anxiety we experience. We are all people pleasers. We want people to like us. It's part of the human condition to want to feel accepted. The problem is that having anxiety we take that to extremes. It's hard to come to the realization that not everyone is going to like us or understand or even care about what we are going thru. That is just a simple fact but still a hard one to grasp.
    Isn't it great that we have a site full of people who do care and do understand that we can come to and vent or ask for advice and support?
    It's wonderful to know that our common bond of anxiety, as horrible of a condition as it is, has made us a community of supportive friends that we can share our lives with regardless of where we live or our individual situations free from the fear of being judged.

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