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Thread: Olanzapine advice please

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    Re: Olanzapine advice please

    I have been on Olanzapine for just over 2 months now, that is when my anxiety started. It has really helped. I was on 1 x 2.5mg for a while, then had a really bad week and upped it to 2 x 2.5mg. Stayed at that for the past month, but have now gone back down to 1 x 2.5mg, going ok at the mo. I found that taking 2 lots was making me extra drowsy, weight gain and it was difficult to concentrate at work, so hopefully I can stay on just the one tablet. I am having couselling, doing yoga and taking vitamins, so I hope, in time, I can come off medication completely.
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    Angry Re: Olanzapine advice please

    hi im on olanzapine 30 mgs aday plus 2mgs if needed main effect i found was weight gain apperently its notorious for that

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    Re: Olanzapine advice please

    Hey there,

    I have been on Olanzapine for nearly 10 years now. I was intially on 2.5MG in the morning and 5mg at night. When I took it in the morning it made me very drowsey. Currently I take 5mg in the morning which now does not make me drowsey and 10mg at night to help me sleep.

    Olanzapine is a very good drug. Very little side effects. Sulpride rings a bell. Think I was on that drug when I had my breakdown. I looked up sulpride and found out that it is a anti psychotic. Makes me would if I had schizophrenia. The thing is I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome with OCD and depression. I have tried a lot of anti depressants and they all send me loopey. Or for want of a better word, Manic.

    The trick with Olanzapine is not to have alchohol. This will make you anxious when you wake up.

    Another good thing with Olanzapine is that they are coated, so they dont desolve on the tong and leave a funny taste in your mouth.

    A friend told me that Olanzapine is one of the best drugs in the world. It is highly effective.

    Although it wont solve everything. Councilling is sometimes needed.
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