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Thread: Weird stomach noises.

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    Unhappy Weird stomach noises.

    Hello, i am getting weird stomach noises it's like a rumbbling inside my stomach it's everytime i sit down or im lying down. I havn't got any pains in the right side of my stomach so i know everythings ok there.

    Would this be anything to do with a lack of eating?
    Or im only after recovering from a slight illness would that have anything to do with it?

    I really want to find out what this problem is so please can i have some suggestions.



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    Re: Weird stomach noises.

    if u are hungry yr stomach will rumble hun please dont worry try eating something dry like dry cereal or toast u will b fine hugs xxxxxxx

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    Re: Weird stomach noises.

    I get that when i'm hungry or it might just be trapped air. My stomach makes the weirdest noises sometimes with and without pains

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    Re: Weird stomach noises.

    yeah mine does that sometimes please dont worry its normal xxx

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    Re: Weird stomach noises.

    Oh, that's made me feel alot better i was starting to worrie thanks alot

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    Re: Weird stomach noises.

    mine does it to aswell alot your def not alone looking at the people who have replied


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