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Thread: Chat logs and Private messages in chat

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    Chat logs and Private messages in chat

    I understand that a few people are concerned about the reading of chat logs and private conversations whilst in chat so I thought I would post about it.

    It states in the chat room rules - that you have to agree to before entering chat .....

    "Any messages or communication on our system may be subject to review and action that we deem fit will be taken in any discovered instances of misuse."

    Contrary to current gossip in chat, we do not read the chat logs everyday. We have no desire to read the logs on a daily basis and they are only ever read when we get a complaint. The only person that can access the logs is myself and then these are read by the NMP admins and/or chat room moderators if we need to look into a complaint.

    Even then we only read the logs around the time of the incident to establish facts etc.

    I hope this reassures people that the logs are there for a reason and we do not abuse people's privacy whilst chatting and only read them if an incident is reported.
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