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Thread: The 3 songs

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    The 3 songs

    Love it or hate it, The Sound of Music was on Again today but it contains 3 valuable songs each with Important lyrics that we All need to remember if we Really want to learn how to cope better........

    1) I Have Confidence
    2) My Favourite Things
    3) Climb Every Mountain

    In other words....

    CONFIDENCE to attempt to confront what we're afraid of,
    COURAGE to keep going when we're feeling so afraid and DETERMINATION to achieve the climb to our final goal.

    If you can find these 3 qualities then you Will get better and there Will be a Happy Ending!

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    Re: The 3 songs

    Very well put Bill :-)

    Wendy xxxx

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    Re: The 3 songs

    my favourite things,

    my dogs, my son, chocolate, my bed, welsh countryside, walking and of course nmp and all my friends, thank you

    ive climbed many mountains but social phobia is the toughest yet.

    as to confidence, well i was a confident child, so praps one day with help i will be able to discover that skill again.

    thanks for the hope bill

    as ever ur friend


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    Re: The 3 songs

    Brilliant Bill, jeez i love that film!!! xxxx
    Charlie xx steps everyday.

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