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Thread: agoraphobia!!

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    Unhappy agoraphobia!!

    Hello to all hope you are copeing!!!
    I on the other hand have been really struggling latley!
    i've been having 2-3 panic attacks a day, i started on my new pills which made me feel really sick and the following day made me shake uncontrolably all day!!! i was so fed up and felt there was never gona be an end to this!
    I seem to get much worse to if my partner says hes going out, even if its to the local shop which is a 2 minute walk away!! on saturday night he told me he was going bowling with his mate at ten o'clock sunday morning and i was up all night worrying about being left alone, he refused to stay home ( i dont blame him ) so when he left i jumped in my car and nervously drove to my nans which is only a 3 min drive away but i was that paniky i hardly remember driving there!! while there my nan said she had read about a woman in the paper who suffered with panic attacks for years and had hypnotherapy! she said it was the best thing she ever did!! so i decided to try it!!! well i have my first appointment tomorow morning and she is coming to my home too!!! i soooo hope this will help and i will let you all know how it go's!!!! if anyone else has tryed this could you let me know how it helped you

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    Re: agoraphobia!!

    hi blonde panic
    best wishes for tomorrow, ive had hypnotherapy,very relaxing, it worked for a while but i think you need to have top-ups with it and the money became an issue for me, i know how you feel about being on your own even for 2 minutes, when we moved house 2 yrs ago wow did it hit me bad, i just couldnt stay on my own at all the feeling was overwhelming,dont feel bad about it,it took me 3 months to stay in the house on my own,one day i just thought im going home if i do start to panic ive got 2 phones the house one and my mobile i'll phone someone, dont get me wrong it was'nt easy, i put the telly on in every room i had to use,then started to do things, so you see you can get there, the worst thing we do is put a time limit on our selves for example "i should be able to stay in the house today" it doesnt matter if you stay 1 minutes or 5 hours youve still managed to stay, just say to yourself i will try to stay for 2 minutes if after 2 minutes you feel ok then aim for another 2 minutes and so on but if you find that you want to leave then do so with the knowledge that you stayed for x amount of time and be proud that you achieved that. cripes ive gone on a bit
    take care and good luck for tomorrow

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    Re: agoraphobia!!

    good luck with the hypno

    theres other ppl who are trying this too at the mo

    ive been think bout it

    would be grateful to hear ur progress

    many thanks


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    Re: agoraphobia!!

    Hi Blonde

    Yeah i did give it a try, but i found i couldn't relax enough to get into it. I did have to go to her though and my agoraphobia was at it's worst and i found i was just sat there wishing she would stop blabbing so i could get the hell out of there, You will probably like it better than i did and she is coming to your home and i really wish you loads of luck with it.

    Take care

    Love Lisa
    "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice". Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself and you won't go far wrong.

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    Re: agoraphobia!!

    Hi everyone !
    well i had my first session today.
    The therapist is lovely and made me feel really at ease, although i was a bit anxious about what was involved!! i did find it hard to relax and get into it for the first few mins (kept trying to gasp for air again)but after a while i did seem to float off to the sound off her voice! and i also felt weightless.
    i was aware of what was going on the whole time,it was quite relaxing.
    she said i will sleep better tonight and will start to notice changes in the days to come!! i have another session same time next week, there is one thing though, i have been busting out crying all day and i wonder if it is something she did!! something to talk about next time!! has this happened to anyone else?? well anyhow i'm gona stay positive about it and will keep you posted on how its going incase you're interested in tryin it!!!

    luv cathyXXX

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