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Thread: severe anxiety for years

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    Smile severe anxiety for years

    Hi everyone ,

    have suffer anxiety and fears negative thoughts for years made life very hard not on medication want to manage with out it. . it will be nice having people who understand to talk to. thanks

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    Hi Daneal

    You've found a great site, there are lots of good people on here.

    Take Care

    I hide my sanity well Dave!

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    Hiya Diane, welcome to nmp its lovely to have you here.
    You have found a great site with lots of lovely understanding ppl who will give you lots of support/advice/reasurance. Hope to talk to you soon in chat.

    take care.


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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    hi i get severe depressive episodes too hun

    but im on meds sorry

    nice to meet u in nmp



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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    Hi, my Doctor gave me citalopram one and a half years before I would take it, finally started today. look forward to chatting

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    hiya and welcome, you can do it without meds as i did, well i was on them and i thought i just dont want to be on these forever cos they are covering up my real thoughts and fears, so i came off of them and did feel crap for a while but eventually i thought right i have to do this so i started my exercising and with that came positive thinking, motivation, loads energy and a happier me. that was years ago and i havent had it since, i also ate heathy no fatty sugar foods and set myself goals for the future, things i want to do in my life and at the time i had no money, 2 little babies to look after and very bad depression, no family support but i did it and although i still get anxiety here and there i am so much happier, keep posting and we will help u here xxx

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    Hi Dianeal and

    You'll get loads of advice and support here while making new friends along the way.

    Take care,

    Anxious moments pass as naturally as day follows night.

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    Hi Dianeal,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    You will get loads of support and advice here.
    Best wishes,

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    Hello Dianeal And Welcome .....i Wish Ya Well.....linda

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    Re: severe anxiety for years

    welcome to NMP hope to see you around sometime

    Emma xxx

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