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Thread: duloxetine or escitalopram

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    duloxetine or escitalopram

    Anyone tried either of these for anxiety? And whats the difference between normal citalopram and escitalopram?
    I think i need to go back on meds and these have been mentioned

    love nutty nicky

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    Re: duloxetine or escitalopram

    Anyone? I am really stressing about this

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    Re: duloxetine or escitalopram

    Hi bab....escitalopram and citalopram are very similar as the name suggests. I took escitalopram at the beginning and was on it for around 8 months. Once I gave it a chance to work I think it did help. I think its a very personal thing though as everyones different. Maybe talk it over with your GP?

    Coni XX

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