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Thread: heart palpitations

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    heart palpitations


    for exactly one week now i've been experiencing palpitations at random times everyday. they seem to come on more when im lying down. they can differ in strength aswell, sometimes they can physically make me jump, other times it's just a soft bump. i've just registered with a new g.p and am currently finding it difficult to get an appointment and can't seem to stop worrying, anyone had this recurring for a week or longer before?

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    Re: heart palpitations


    I've had them for weeks before now. Went to GP and the result was just another Anxiety symptom. Now, when I get them, I just carry on regardless. But I know they can be distressing. Just get checked out when you can to be assured.


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    Re: heart palpitations

    Thanks for that, i've got a doctors appointment tomorrow, but your post has certainly reassured me to know it's probably not serious, thank you.


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    Re: heart palpitations


    “Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.” - Natalie Babbitt

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    Re: heart palpitations


    i have palps (ectopics) yhad them for years now and i used to get them more when i went to bed they realy scared me so much so i was at the gp every week and every time he sead your fine they wont harm you ,in the end i asked to go for a heart scan and ecg,s i did have them done and agane all was fine .
    i guess they feel realy horrid but wont harm you ,the more you think and worry about them the more they seem to happen .
    have a good read on the forum and old posts that might help there is a lot out there on this

    jodie xxx

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    Re: heart palpitations

    ive been having them for about 8 months every single day =( had tests done all is fine apparently although it dont feel fine when i feel my heart doing a shindig in my chest lol x

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    Re: heart palpitations

    I got them too, scared me lots. Now taking beta blockers which helps.
    Try to live in the NOW

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    Re: heart palpitations

    I get them daily as well, you should get an ECG which is common parctice and I almost gaurantee you your heart will be healthy and it is an anxiety symptom. I take Propanalol (beta blocker) for mine but not all the time - usually when I am about to go out for the day.

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    Re: heart palpitations

    im on 2 40mg beta blockers a day been on them 3 weeks first 2 weeks it semt to make them worse started getting them late evening night time witch i never did before but this past week they have calmed down although when i do get them now they that strong it makes me catch my breath but i try not to panic n just carry on with with whatever im doing

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