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    well ive had this pain down my spine for sometime now everytime i put presure on one spot its hurts like mad.also across the top of my back i get this heat sensation as if im sitting by the fire ur it feels like the sun is burning my back.does anybody else get this ive had it awhile now.

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    the burning pain you are experiencing is probably torn/damaged muscles fibres. have you tried taking a course of anti-inflammories (nurofen etc)? This will help it settle down. Alternatively a good osteopath or physio.

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    Hi Miss Mowtown

    I have the same problem at the moment. Where is your pain? Mine is right in the lower back. I find it stops me from sleeping at night as I cant get comfortable.

    Mine came on after a sports massage quite a few weeks ago. I am seeing an osteopath for treatment and think it is referred pain, but it is really unpleasant. It seems to be a lot worse lying down. Doctor thinks I am making problem worse with stress and has advised me to have NLP to cope. Like you pain is in one place, and I can relate to the burning feeling as I seem to get that too.

    Anti inflammatories haven't seemed to help and this happened about 8 weeks ago. Cant believe stress/anxiety could cause these problems!

    Katie x

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