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    introducing myself

    Hello every one.
    My name is Florence. I am 27 and married. I have a son named Brandon.
    I was born in France and came to live in England 2 years ago.
    My husband is english(from west yorkshire).
    I've suffered with anxiety, depression and panic attacks for 8 years.
    But its been on and off.
    I have been off treatments for a while but feel that I need to be on again ' cause its all coming back.
    The reason why is because I've been really sick lately and still am,
    due to side effects to antibiotics or gastro-enteritis or pregnancy.
    I don't get good diagnosis from doctors and left me really confused.
    All this confusion brought my anxiety and panic attacks back ( does it make sense?).Any time I get ill or a bit low ,fear of death occur and get obsessive negative thoughts that haunt be all night. I get really frightened and get the feeling of depersonalisation( its so unpleasant!).When I go to bed, I worry often that I won't wake up.
    Has any one here been in same situation? Please reply.Thanks.

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    Hi Florence
    I spoke to you in the chatroom on Saturday night. Glad you found your way on the forum, theres loads of great info and shareing of experiences on here.
    What you have said makes total sense. I used to get the feeling i wouldnt wake up, but as you can see im still here.
    I think you will find that there are loads of us that feel the same.
    I had a kidney infection a couple of weeks ago and the panic came back again. (and i was sick from the antibiotics). So its not just you who feels these things.
    keep your chin up, it will pass im sure
    love Sarah

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    Hi Florence

    It was good to talk to you in the chat room at the weekend and I hope it helped you by being there.

    I get terrible side-effects from drugs and was almost panic free from Feb 2002 - May 2003 when I was prescribed some blood pressure tablets and all the panic came back. It set me back a long way and effected things that I have managed to do again. I am now trying to rebuild the confidence so I get back those feelings of being well.

    Hope you can take some time to read the posts on here and get some valuable advice.


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