I know most of us have had at least one ekg but i was just wondering for those of us that have ectopics, palpitations, etc. how often do you have an ekg? How often will the dr allow you to have one? Now i'm talking about if the ekg showed nothing wrong. I was doing real good with my ectopics for a couple months, i wasn't having hardly any and i wasn't doing anything different but just recently i started having them again daily,,,,well actually i've been having them hourly sometimes more! I hate them, they don't cause any other symptom or anything they're just annoying and i worry that i'm having heart issues. The dr's wont do a ekg or anything cuz i had an ekg and other tests about a year ago and they wont do it again cuz the tests showed nothing wrong which is good but can't heart problems develop in a year? They are SO SURE its my anxiety so they just want me to take a pill So what would you do? It probably is my anxiety but what if it isn't?!