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Thread: My journey

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    My journey

    Hi all, have posted on NMP a while ago,I recently went back to the doctors after putting it off for ages. The doc i saw was really nice and i explained how anxious i was really feeling and how it affected my life. I said i didnt know if my meds were working anymore as had been on them so long, sertraline. He suggested itake 50mg one day then 100mg the next for the next month, in an attempt to wean off them, before can think about what to do next. Well, it has been like this, 5omg i seem to be more depressed, 100mg makes me really tired and not much positive results so far! Ill persevere and im going to keep a diary to try and record how i feel each day. Am still waiting for a psychology appointment, as i dont think just taking tabs is going to help, have had a few hard times in my life and gp sugggested it might be helpful to talk about it if i feel the time is right, but said am under no pressure. He asked me if I knew what i was afraid of, to which I said no, as i cant pinpoint it.

    I am willing to try anything at this stage. I am not working, lost my job a year ago due to anxiety and depression and have not felt able to work since. I do voluntary work at my local mental health drop in centre which I enjoy but some days I cannot face it. I told him that I find it hard going out by myself and he said to try as it will do me good. I have days when its better than others, and I did say to him that i was more anxious than depressed these days, but get depressed as a result of the anxiety and not being able to do what id like to do.

    Anyhow will see how i get on, any comments will be welcomed.


    woody xx

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    Re: My journey

    Hi woody

    I too am waiting on an appointment to see a psychologist. Ive been way down there, bad panicks and anxiety and had times when i cant work.
    Im on prozac at the moment and that seems to be making a huge difference. I'm working full time and loving it but I do still struggle some days with panic especially when I have to lone work.( I'm a support worker)

    It's about baby steps Woody. Little achievements to build your confidence and sometimes its about trawling the depths of your soul to find the strength somehow to do the very thing that your thoughts fear panic and body are screaming at you not to do.

    I wish you well on your journey

    Pooh x
    I've crossed lines of words and wire, and both have cut me deep. I've been frozen out and I've been on fire, and the tears are mine to weep. But I can cry until I laugh, or laugh until I cry. So cut the deck right in half, I'll play from either side.

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    Re: My journey

    Thanks Pooh. A quick update, am still taking the tablets as directed and keeping a diary of my mood and general info about my day. Had a few bad days but am now helping to start up a self help group for anyone with depression, and am hoping that will go well.

    I felt quite anxious today going shopping, but I think a lot is to do with the price of things and that i dont have that much money to spend. So I have to be extra vigilant about what i pick up. I am trying to spend more time with my partner who I love loads, and always makes me feel better. My son has been causing a lot of stress, so Im being firmer with him and not letting him take control which he likes to do!

    Its really important ive found to really find out the triggers of your stress, as for me its that stress over a long time that causes depression. I know you cant change everything, but have found it useful to look at what i can do to reduce stress and therefore have a more calming environment at home.
    Hope everyone ok, feel free to post a reply.

    woody x

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