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Thread: anafranil

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    Re: anafranil

    Hows the anafranil going Pete or has it gone????


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    Re: anafranil

    Hi, I was diagnosed with severe OCD, severe depression and severe anxiety in Septemeber 2007 after a nervous breakdown. I had the OCD all my life but as I got older it got worse and worse until it came to a head. I tried numerous drugs through my psychiatrist and GP but eventually ended up on the tricyclic antidepressant Anafranil (Clomipramine) 250mg. My psychiatrist told me that this is gold standard treatment for the psychiatric symptoms I was suffering. I was also perscribed alongside Anafranil an anti-psychotic called Olanzapine 2.5mg, a benzodiazepine to mask the anxiety called Lorazepam 1mg when needed (very addictive if abused), and a sleeper called Zopiclone 7.5mg at bed. I took this concoction from December 2007 until July 2008 as advised. Of course I was slowly weened onto the medication and slowly weened off between the dates I have given. The doses I state I was taking was at its peak. Anafranil didn't work for me (even at 250mg), the OCD/anxiety/depression remained. The only things that did work were the highly addictive drugs Lorazepam (to mask anxiety) and Zopiclone (to sleep). I suffered severe side effects which I can't be sure from which medication but anyway, I gained 3 stone of weight over 4 months, terrible stretch marks on arms, stomach and legs and heavy sweating (all probably weight related). I also had a total loss of libido - which at 22 was very worrying and upsetting. Everyone reacts differently to medication usually depending on how your body metabolizes the drug. I think I have a slow metabolism which then caused me to get most of the bad side effects. I would be very careful about trying different drugs to see which ones work. It is better to go into some kind of therapy first drug free (such as CBT), and then if no improvement is obtained over a period of time then maybe trying something. However, on the whole I wouldn't recommend drugs full stop. At the time I took these drugs I had the understanding that I was in the safe hands of the medical professionals but I now wish I'd been more assertive and refused. Who knows - hindsight is a wonderful thing - or not if it becomes part of your obssession as it did with me lol. Anyway, since coming off these drugs finally in July 2008, I have lost 2 stone of weight. I plan to lose another stone through diet and exercise to get back to my normal weight of 12 stone at 5ft 9in. The OCD/anxiety/depression is still there but after over a year it has become more manageable. I will now manage it without any drugs.

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    Re: anafranil

    thxs for sharing that.made interesting reading.
    the anafranil can be great for ocd reading some posts but i think for social anxiety/gad maybe not so.
    i think maybes the anti psycotic med would have given you the worse side effects-they are nasty meds.made me shake from head to foot when i had 2 tabs.

    i am lucky in the fact i dont actually suffer with depression and the social anxiety while limiting my life to certain areas doesnt get me totally down,i cope with klonopin -i work have a g/f ,house etc so in that sense my life could be a hell lot worse.
    im just looking for a med that has no side effects and makes me comfortable in other peoples company so on the spur of the moment i can do"whatever i want" this drug is not been invented-you could argue a benzo is that drug,and yeah will keep anxiety at bay and work in 30mins....i dont know-just rambling on now,good post anyways and good luck with the future.

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