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Thread: Seek Advice.

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    Unhappy Seek Advice.

    Ok.. Well.. Here Goes Nothing.

    Im so worried that i might be agrophobic. and i have no idea how to go about anything about it :S
    First off.. im 19, nearly 20. and ive had 2 jobs Since leaving college.
    which is almost 2 years ago now. the first job i quit after 1 day due to serious pressure and almost breaking down. the Second job i actually got on with as it was with 2 of my best friends.. One was the manager.. so i could feel ok there.

    Now here comes the problem.. i've never really left the house alone. Now im on JSA which involves me going into the job centre every 2 weeks.. but of course i have to take my best friend with me, but he understands this and is happy to do so.
    I make the odd trip to town.. also with my friend or brother.
    Ive not been able to even go to the shop at the end of the road by myself.
    But what im really asking, is this a form of agoraphobia or am i just being totally unindependant.

    Since i was a kid ive been fainting from Anxiety. Even in primary school i did it when i was told off and had to stand up infront of a small class.

    I live at home with my mum still, she sort of understands how i am and tries to help me get a job. but im too afraid to even ring up jobs.
    The worst thing is.. she said shes gonna have to move into a smaller house soon meaning i'd have to move out and yet i have no way of supporting myself. Is there any means to get around this other than sleep in her cupboard?

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    Re: Seek Advice.

    hi hun

    have u tried to seek help from gp regarding this

    u can get therapy to help in these sorts of situations based on cbt, and its v effective.

    good luck hunny

    milly xxx

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    Re: Seek Advice.

    just wanted to send u a hug hun xxxxx

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